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চলমান প্রশিক্ষণ কোর্স


Advanced Course on Administration and Development (ACAD)

140th Advanced Course on Administration and Development (ACAD)

Duration: 19/02/2023 – 19/04/2023

Course Guideline

Course Management Team (CMT)

Course Advisor

Dr. Md. Mohoshin Ali, Member Directing Staff, BPATC

Cell: 01711-489786, Email: mohoshin2005@gmail.com

Course Director

Md. Atikuzzaman, Director, BPATC

Cell: 01727778316, Email: atik_uzzaman@yahoo.com

Course Coordinator

Md. Aminul Karim, Deputy Director, BPATC

Cell: 01712719590, akarimmonju@gmail.com

Abu Naser Mohammad Sajidul Ahsan, Deputy Director, BPATC

Cell: 01918421241, Email: sajidul@gmail.com


Foundation Training Course (FTC)

75th Foundation Training Course (FTC)

Duration: 02/04/2023 – 28/09/2023

Course Curriculum & Brochure

Welcome Letter

Course Management Team (CMT)

Group: Doyel

Course Adviser

Md. Zakir Hossain, Member Directing Staff, BPATC

Cell: 01325099662, Email: mzakirhossain@gmail.com

Course Director

Dr. Md. Zohurul Islam, Director, BPATC

Cell: 01716458964, Email: zohur68@gmail.com

Course Coordinators

Md. Motaher Hossain, Deputy Director, BPATC

Cell: 01818186287, Email: mmanik164@gmail.com

Nasrin Akter, Deputy Director, BPATC

Cell: 01767818179, Email: laboni.geo1807@gmail.com

Roma Rani Biswas, Assistant Director, BPATC

Cell: 01722878088, Email: roma.biswas@ymail.com

Shamim Adnan, Deputy Director, BPATC

Cell: 01843056582, Email: shamimadnan.bpatc@gmail.com

Md. Masud Alam, Deputy Director, BPATC

Cell: 01716-041011, Email: rony.patua@yahoo.com

Md. Masud Ahmed, Deputy Director, BPATC

Cell: 01719159760, Email: mahmedbpatc@gmail.com

Mohammad Mozaherul Islam, Assistant Director, BPATC

Cell: 01912972652, Email: mozaher.bpatc@gmail.com

Samiana Sultana, Evaluation Officer, BPATC

Cell: 01715382977, Email: samianasultana@yahoo.com


Group: Shapla

Course Adviser

Baby Rani karmakar, Member Directing Staff, BPATC

Cell: 01775502324, Email: babypreyankary@gmail.com

Course Director

Md. Siddiqur Rahman, Director, BPATC

Cell: 01712570054, Email: acsiddique1975@gmail.com

Course Coordinators

Alina Aktar, Deputy Director, BPATC

Cell: 01712877676, Email: alinaaktarbcs30@gmail.com

Shamim Hosen, Deputy Director, BPATC

Cell: 01717563992, Email: shamim.du207@gmail.com

Rumana Tanjin Antara, Deputy Director, BPATC

Cell: 01710894979, Email: tanjin.islampur@gmail.com

Mst. Tahmina Akter, Deputy Director, BPATC

Cell: 01716994817, Email: tahminaa7@gmail.com

Mohammad Mamun, Senior Research Officer, BPATC

Cell: 01912146407 Email: mamun235@gmail.com

Milton Chandra Paul, Assistant Director, BPATC

Cell: 01924950012, Email: miltonpaul346@gmail.com

Tanzina Akter, Assistant Director, BPATC

Cell: 01553571149, Email: tanzina.bpatc@gmail.com

Md. Mizanur Rahman, Research Officer, BPATC

Cell: 01924986501, 01853039068, Email: mizanur.bpatc@gmail.com



 Special Foundation Training Course (SFTC)

4th Special Foundation Training Course (SFTC) for the Department of Inspection for Factories and Establishment (DIFE) Officials

Duration: 01/03/2023 – 02/05/2023

Welcome Letter

Course Guideline

Course Management Team (CMT)

Principal Advisor

Mr. Md. Ashraf Uddin, Rector, BPATC

Course Advisor

Md. Shaugatul Alam, Member Directing Staff (MDS), BPATC

01731658284, Email: Shaugat20@gmail.com

Course Director

Md. Abul Basher, Director, BPATC

Cell: 01711003637, Email: basher.bpatc@gmail.com

Course Coordinator

Md. Yousuf Ali, Assistant Director, BPATC

Cell: 01723167298, Email: yousufali.335@gmail.com

Milton Chandra Paul, Assistant Director, BPATC

Cell: 01924950012, Email: miltonpaul346@gmail.com

Liaison Officer

Mst. Masuma Arefin, Deputy Director, BPATC

Cell: 01764915929, Email: masuma.binu@gmail.com